Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Earth Organization?

The Earth Organization is an international, non-profit, conservation and environmental organization, founded by veteran South African conservationist and explorer Lawrence Anthony, who recognized that new solutions were necessary to reverse the dwindling spiral of life on Planet Earth.

The Earth Organization believes that while defense of the environment and protection of species is vital, fast declining statistics demonstrate that this alone is not sufficient to turn the Planet around. It has become abundantly clear that another approach is also needed.

Why are Trees so important to us?

Trees provide us with oxygen to breathe and absorb carbon dioxide, which also cools the Planet down. Mankind’s future survival on Earth is entirely dependent on the well being of our existing trees and the regeneration of forests.

Recycling: does it really help?

Recycling is a practical way of doing something positive about the refuse that is polluting the Earth. Everybody should recycle.

What is our standpoint on zoos?

The Earth Organization members do not approve of the conditions under which many zoos keep animals; we only support modern, habitat orientated, educational facilities, and require the closure of improperly managed facilities, that have little or no educational benefit, where caged animals are trapped and abused, or simply “gawked” at.

What is an ocean dead zone?

A dead zone is an area in the ocean which does not have any life at all. There are now nearly 150 dead zones all over the world. Some dead zones are small, and some are huge – as large as 40,000 sq. miles. Dead zones are caused by excess nitrogen from fertilizer and sewage washing down rivers into the sea, triggering an explosive growth of plankton which uses up all the oxygen in the water. Because there is no oxygen, everything that cannot swim away dies.

Do we support circuses?

Our members do not support wild animals performing in a traveling circus, and believe all such facilities should be entirely banned. Our view is that circuses entertain people at the expense and to the detriment of wild animals and that animals are not on this planet to be abused and to amuse others.

What is our standpoint on hunting?

We do not support pleasure or trophy hunting, and believe that the killing of animals for recreation or pleasure
is unjustifiable.

What is our standpoint on whaling?

We do not support whaling for “research purposes” or otherwise.

Is global warming man made?

There is much evidence to support main stream scientific thinking that global warming is man made, caused by fossil fuel based atmospheric hydrocarbons trapping the sun’s heat. Last year alone over 25 billion tons of carbon dioxide was pumped into the atmosphere by vehicles and industry.

Last month an assessment of Arctic climate change by 300 scientists for the eight countries with Arctic territory, including the United States, concluded that “human influences” are now the dominant factor.

We recognize, too, that there are many scientists who are in disagreement with this viewpoint.

What is clear, however, is that both sides agree that excess hydrocarbons in the atmosphere do trap the sun’s heat. The question is how much heat they trap.

The debate appears to be whether or not it is principally these hydrocarbons causing global warming, or whether the heating of the Earth is a natural or cyclical phenomenon.

The Earth Organization is continually monitoring and assessing this situation.

Irrespective of this debate, our atmosphere is not a refuse dump and we believe that all man-made sources
of atmospheric hydrocarbons must urgently be diminished, and that alternative fuel sources must be introduced and utilized. Furthermore, we believe that the rehabilitation of our natural forests and the planting of millions of trees to absorb this excess carbon dioxide has become Mankind’s
new duty.

What is the effect of global warming on the polar ice caps?

Ice shelves respond more quickly to warming temperatures than do ice sheets or glaciers. Examination of meteorological records has revealed atmospheric warming on the Antarctic Peninsula over the past several decades, and the northernmost ice shelves on the peninsula have retreated dramatically (Vaughan and Doake 1996). In fact, since 1974, seven ice shelves have retreated by a total of approximately 13,500 square kilometers.

In 2002 satellites recorded an even larger disintegration. Between January 31 and March 5, 2002, approximately 3,250 square kilometers of the Larsen B shattered, releasing 720 billion tons of ice into the Weddell Sea. It was the largest single disintegration event in 30 years of ice shelf monitoring. Preliminary studies of sediment cores suggest that it may have been this ice shelf’s largest collapse in 12,000 years.

What is species depletion?

All life on Earth is grouped into life forms of a similar type. These different groups of life forms are called species.

Many species are interdependent, meaning that life forms depend on other life forms for their own survival. Over billions of years, a delicate symbiotic relationship between species has evolved. It is this natural balance which allows life to survive in the way it does.

There are scientists who say that 50,000 entire species are going extinct every year! This is the beginning of a severe man-made disturbance to the natural balance of life on Earth, which, if it continues, will have a direct negative impact on all life, including man.

This interdependency of life forms is so important we have built it into our logo:

Because None Survive Alone

Why Destroy?

Why do some people destroy the environment and harm other life forms?

There are a small percentage of people with antisocial tendencies who will compulsively suppress life. Such people will be destructive or irresponsibly uncaring in their attitude and actions to other life forms and to the Earth.

We know them by their actions:

There are also the many that are not educated or aware of the delicately balanced relationship between Man, the environment and other life forms. For the latter, The Earth Organization is engaged in an international campaign to raise awareness of the mutual interdependency and cooperation of all life forms and the material universe. We call this concept COOPERATIVE ECOLOGY. It is based on the premise that all life forms are interdependent and engaged upon the same objective and are acting in mutual support of this objective for their mutual perpetuation. The moment life forms, including man, fall away from the concept of mutual cooperation with all other life forms and the material universe, their capability to survive diminishes and becomes less effective. It includes the study of man’s sciences in view of this cooperative relationship of all life forms and it determines the value of sciences on these principles. Whether sciences bring about a steady improvement for life forms and the material universe or whether they create imbalances determines to what degree the sciences themselves are cooperating with life and, thereby their relative value. The study includes, as well, ecological and economic policy and their effects based on these principles. It is holistic, by necessity, and requires the interaction with, and study of, the full spectrum of scientific methods and views, all life forms and their interrelationships, micro to macro economic, governmental, religious and population systems and their relations to each other on the environment. Cooperative Ecology considers it the domain and responsibility of the United Nations in cooperation with individual nations to rehabilitate existing imbalances and to enact advances made in science and policy to raise the survival potential of all interdependent life. The objective of Cooperative Ecology is to generate improved science and policy that increase the survival potential and productivity for all interdependent life to a level of balanced abundance guaranteeing mutual perpetuity.

How do I join?

You can join online by clicking membership or by contacting your nearest Earth Organization office at Contact Us.

What is expected of me as a member?

Members take creative actions alone, or as part of a club or chapter, to enhance the survival of the plant and animal kingdoms and Earth itself. We are a doing organization that believes that actions can always be taken to improve any situation, no matter how bad it is – and we are doing it.

As a fun part of your membership of your membership you are expected to plant sufficient trees to provide you and your family with your own oxygen needs, as well as additional trees to absorb the CO2 produced by your car exhaust. For details see Tree Project.

Is The Earth Organization a political or religious organization?

The Earth Organization’s members come from all walks of life, from all cultures, races and religious backgrounds, all motivated by a common cause: to reverse the dwindling spiral of life on Earth and create a healthy habitable Planet on which all life flourishes and prospers.

It is a non-profit, non-partisan, issue oriented organization.

Donations to The Earth Organization

Donations can be made online, at memberships or by contacting your nearest Earth Organization chapter.

Are my donations or membership fees tax deductible?

The Earth Organization is a registered non-profit company in the US and South Africa. Please check with your local authorities about tax relief on donations.

Is Mankind an endangered species?

Look at the evidence for yourself. There are billions of us and we are fouling the air we breathe, polluting the Earth, using our rivers and oceans as rubbish dumps and abusing other life forms as if there is no tomorrow. And then ask yourself the question – are these survival actions?

Can we turn this around? Can we cut with the past and create a healthy, livable Planet that we are proud of?

Of course we can, but we need to do it, and the only way we are going to do it, is by doing it. Being concerned about it, or thinking about it, is just not good enough any more. There is a lot
at stake.

The Earth Organization is an honest effort, by a lot of good people all over the world, to really do something about it.

Will you help? Will you give your valuable support?

Make a decision, go to memberships and join, or start a chapter, and let’s get started. There is a lot to do.

If you do not find an answer to your question, please just Contact Us and we will be happy to answer you.