Michelle Stafford

Michelle_Stafford“Earth is in trouble! With polluted water and air, unprecedented numbers of animal and plant species going extinct, none of us can just stand by and hope that someone else will solve it. Each one of us has to participate in the solutions. I’ve talked to so many people who want to do something about it, but don’t know what to do. Well, the first step is to become a member of The Earth Organization, and, together, with their help, we can each take a step-by-step approach to improving life for ourselves and future generations.”

Biography of Michelle Stafford

Her father was a lawyer and her mother was an executive at MCA/Universal (Universal Studios). Michelle was very aware of and intrigued by the movie business just by virtue of her mother’s vocation but was very intimidated by the thought of becoming an actress.

After high school Michelle found that she had a brain tumor. Being the person she is she wanted to take care of it right away. She ended up having brain surgery and the tumor was found to be benign. Needless to say the experience changed her life and Michelle found herself to be “profoundly fearless in ways I can’t express.”

After this experience Michelle had an opportunity to model. She lived in Japan, France and Italy, but it was Italy she adored most. She says, “It brought me out of my conservative shell.” She even speaks Italian… well, broken Italian – but she can order food like a native!

After living in Italy for a year, Michelle discovered a hidden desire to act. She came back to L.A. and just jumped in. She enrolled in acting classes, got an agent and started auditioning for roles.

Her first job was the teen afternoon soap opera called “Tribes”. She played the character “Frankie.” This was a very short lived show but it gave her a start. Shortly after “Tribes” ended Michelle started preforming on theatre in Los Angeles.

She starred in two plays directed by Academy Award nominated and Tony winner, Charles Durning. She did many commercials during this time and many guest appearances on T.V. shows.

Michelle’s life truly changed when she was asked to read for the role of “Phyllis” on the number one daytime drama “The Young and the Restless”. She won the role and also won the accolades of viewers and critics. During her first two years of the drama, her talents earned her an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress (after two consecutive nominations). She also garnered two consecutive Soap Opera Digest Awards for her acting.

Michelle was offered the role of “Joanna” in the FOX networks drama “Pacific Palisades.” After that show was over Michelle guest starred on the ‘Dick Wolf’ show “Players,” ABC’s highrated “Two Guys and a Girl,” she guest stared on “JAG” and “Diagnosis Murder” on CBS and has a recurring role on Pamela Anderson’s syndicated series “VIP.” Recently michelle finished working on two top ten shows “Judging Amy” and “Frasier.”

She worked opposite Ashley Judd in the hugely popular film “Double Jeopardy.” This film was directed by the acclaimed Bruce Beresford. Michelle said she had great fun shooting this film with Bruce and Ashley and she had a dynamite time in New Orleans.

Michelle is very proud of three recent films she starred in, one called “Vampires Anonymous.” It is a very funny satire on vampires. She plays the vampire slayer. Hopefully that will be out soon (there is already a lot of buzz, so cross your fingers). The second is a psychological thriller called “Attraction” opposite Tom Everett Scott. This film has its share of buzz as well. The third is a short film called “Lost” co-starring Bodhi Elfman.