Marisol Nichols Actress

Marisol_Nichols“So many people take Planet Earth for granted and our dependency on it.

More and more of the environment, including plants and animals, are dying and being wasted. This is not the way it has to be, nor the way it should be.

The Earth Organization is doing great things to change this condition. They are helping to raise awareness of the current problems and they are finding real solutions that actually work.

They have well-researched information on what is really happening with so many of the well-known environmental problems (i.e. global warming, species extinction etc).

They are headed up by a great man – Lawrence Anthony. Lawrence has such love and devotion for this planet and its inhabitants that it really shines through in this organization.

I know I don’t want to see Earth fall into a further decline and with the dedicated work and help of the Earth Organization, I believe we can stop it.”

Biography of Marisol Nichols

Growing up in and around Chicago, Marisol didnt get into acting until after she had graduated high school. Once she did, that was it. She fell in love and never looked back. A couple years later a scout for CBS, traveling through Chicago, asked her to audition for a comedy pilot called My Guys for CBS. She did and they liked her so much they flew her out to Los Angeles. She landed the role and that was the start of her television and movie career.

Since then Marisol has brought a variety of numerous rolls to the television and movie screen. Her very first time on a movie set was less than a year after arriving in Los Angeles when she landed the roll of Audrey Griswold in Vegas Vacation opposite Chevy Chase. I learned a ton doing that film. I was brand new, still trying to hit my marks, learn as much as I could and I had a blast doing it. It was that kind of jump in and learn while you go mentality that has lead Marisol her whole life.

I was incredibly rebellious growing up, ask anybody. Without a purpose in life I ended up getting myself into trouble pretty often. I wanted more, a lot more out of life and through acting I had finally found an outlet, a goal, and something I could get passionate about.

In the following years since arriving in L.A., Marisols career has been on a steep climb. In addition to CBSs My Guys, She also played the lively Victoria Santiago on the groundbreaking, critically acclaimed, first all-Latin series, on Showtimes Resurrection Blvd. Most recently Marisol played Detective Karen Bettancourt on the ABC drama Blind Justice produced by Steven Bochco. A show about a detective blinded in the line of duty who ends up partnered up with the not too eager Det. Bettancourt. She received rave reviews for her performance on the show, which has now led her to In Justice. This show is also for ABC and Marisol will play a defiantly passionate lawyer, following no rules, and fighting to acquit those wrongly accused alongside Kyle MacLachlan.

Her film credits as well as Vegas Vacation, include Scream 2, Cant Hardly Wait, Jane Austins Mafia, Bowfinger, and starring in the upcoming film Big Mommas House 2.
She has guest starred on numerous television shows such as Friends, Nip/Tuck, CSI Law and Order SVU, Alias ER, The Twilight Zone, Diagnosis Murder, Beverly Hills 90210, Boy Meets World and others. One of her favorites was playing the schizophrenic love interest of Danny Pino in a recurring roll for CBSs Cold Case.

She also has three television movies under her belt. The most recent was NBCs Homeland Security a movie depicting the factual events that preceded 9/11. Marisol starred as the disobedient, anti-terrorist FBI agent Jane Fulbar.

NBC also had her starring in another movie for them. The true- life story of Princess Meriam Al-Khalifa, a Bahraini princess who fell in love with a U.S. Marine and then fled her country to run away and marry her Marine. The movie was titled The Princess and Marine and her performance earned her a nomination for an Alma Award and a Golden Eagle Award for Most Promising Actor or Actress.

After shooting the first episode of Showtimes Resurrection Blvd she then starred in a movie for them, another bearing princess in the title, Princess and the Barrio Boy. A family picture where Marisol starred as the princess who falls in love with a boy from the wrong neighborhood. Marisol earned an Alma nomination for her performance.

Marisol loves what she does and doesnt let anything stop her from doing it. She uses her public recognition to support groups that she feels are helping mankind and really making a difference. Whenever she is not on the set she is working hard to help people in any way she can. CCHR is a non-profit, public benefit organization dedicated to investigating and exposing psychiatric violations of Human rights. This is an organization that Marisol is extremely dedicated to, particularly regarding the issue of the rampant drugging of children with prescribed harmful, mind-altering drugs. There are over 8 million children on these drugs in the U.S. alone. That is shocking! she told Fox news at the 2005 protest Marisol helped lead at the APA convention in Atlanta.

She is also a volunteer supervisor and spokesperson for Criminon. Criminon is an international non-profit organization which through its programs addresses the cause of criminality as well as rehabilitating inmates so that they become ethical and productive citizens.

I believe artists, performers, writers and musicians are the people that can change and uplift a culture. I feel a responsibility not only as an artist but also as a human being to these issues that are as of yet still unhandled. If I can do something, anything about it, then I feel it is my duty to do so.