Kristin Bauer Actress

Kristin BauerWe have so much more power than we know. The consumer is God on earth. When you buy a product you are saying good job, I support you, I want to pay your mortgage. And through absentmindedness, work, distractions, “stress” we end up caring for our carpets better than our oceans. We protect our cars more than our forests. We cherish our jewelry more than we do our earth. Me included. I am working hard to change that. To pay attention and do better.
And to wield this amazing power, this mighty sword, all we have to do is: Stop. Look. Think.

Support groups who DO. Look at what they DO. The Earth Organization DOES. Lawrence Anthony flew in to a war zone to save the animals in the Baghdad zoo with tanks firing over his head. THAT’S a real man. That’s not a man who talks about what he will do…He DOES.
We are all “real men” with our shopping carts. I say who gets my power, who gets my help, my hard earned dollar. My debit card is Excalibur. This to me, is modern day courage.

Please think about what you buy and support The Earth Organization, who will DO.
Kristin Bauer

Biography of Kristin Bauer

Kristin had an idyllic childhood in Wisconsin playing in fields, riding horses and shooting tin cans off posts with her Father. After graduating high school she went off to study art on the East coast before moving to Hollywood and discovering acting. She began her career with a series called The Crew in 1995, and went on to three more series; Total Security with Jim Belushi, Thats Life with Ellen Burstyn and Pual Sorvino, and then Hidden Hills. You may also have seen her in Romy and Micheles High School Reunion or on any number of television shows including Everybody loves Raymond, Two and a Half Men, as Man-hands on Seinfeld, Cold Case, Crossing Jordan, Bones, Boston Legal, CSI, Desperate Housewives, or most recently as the family publicist on Dirty, Sexy, Money. Painting continues to be a passion of hers, often being commissioned for portraits in her down time from acting.
And then theres the love of her beloved animals and the environment. I am in awe of the beauty and glory of this earth and all the magnificent, unique creatures it holds. Its the greatest work of art I have ever seen. I find it confusing that we stand in line to view the Mona Lisa. Its protected with bullet proof glass, a $100 million dollar insurance policy and armed guards. And it was created by a man. But the ocean? The polar bear? The shark? Open land? And these are creations no man can just do again.
Its a very full passionate life acting, painting, and this beautiful planet, just to mention a few. All very worth cherishing and protecting. Please help us. “None survive alone.”