Jim Warren Artist

jim_warrenSince the beginning of my career in 1967, at the young age of seventeen, the common theme of most of my paintings had been the concern for earth and it’s well being.
I knew then that if something wasn’t cared for in this world, you lose it and that goes for the planet itself.
I felt that my paintings could carry that message and raise awareness as did many of the songs of that era.
I still feel that way today.
I support the Earth Organization because they are actually doing something about the environmental problems.
Thank You,
Jim Warren

Biography of Jim Warren

The name Jim Warren may be familiar to you. It may be also that you have never heard his name. But you have undoubtedly seen his art at some time, in some form. It may be packed away in your attic on some of your old record album covers or, perhaps, on the front of a treasured paperback.

It could be that you were struck by one of his paintings on a billboard while driving to work, on one of your favorite television shows or even on a greeting card you received from a friend.

Jim Warrens career as an artist started almost 30 years ago where he won first place at his first art show in Westwood, California. (This is how was the second largest in the U.S. with 400 artists competing and 100,000 people in attendance.) Since that time he has quickly gained popularity painting fine art, illustrations and portraits.

Born in Long Beach, California in 1949, Jim decided in 10th grade that being an artist would be his chosen profession. His high school art class was his only formal training in the arts. He paints only in traditional oil paint on canvas with paintbrushes.

Early in his career Jim painted album cover art, winning a Grammy award in 1980 for the cover of Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Bands Against the Wind.

Jim also illustrated book covers for most major New York publishing companies with over two hundred covers to his credit, including title from authors such Arthur C Clark, Clive Barker, Robin Cook and Piers Anthony.

By the early 90s Jim returned to his fine art roots with a unique style of art that has been described as a cross between Salvador Dali and Norman Rockwell. Over 40 galleries, from the Florida Keys to the Hawaiian islands, now carry Jims work.

Because of the versatility of his work, surreal, whimsical, or simply the beauty of nature, Jim prefers to call his art The art of Jim Warren which is the title of his first coffee table book released in 1997. Jims second book Painted Worlds was released in 2001.

One major magazine publisher recently wrote Jim is a master in the world of art. He observes and he paints and the results are pure Jim Warren.

About his own art Jim says, each person sees something different in my paintings which relates specifically to them. That to me is what art is all about.