Elisabetta Armiata Ballet Dancer

elisabettaIf we look at life on Planet Earth we have a very complex combination of survival. This means that any time a single life form dies, we also die, or at least our potential survival decreases. To wantonly kill life around us is not intelligent, yet we are doing this in so many ways, and have done it for such a long time, that we are now seriously threatening our own survival.

Biography of Elisabetta Armiata

Since 1987, when Elisabetta Armiato rose to Prima Ballerina of La Scala Theatre in Milan, and subsequently in 2000 when appointed as Principal Dancer, she has been dancing the great lead roles of both classical and contemporary ballet.

In her repertoire are the choreographies of R. Noureyev, G. Ballanchine, M. Nakarova, J. Franco, A. Ailey, to name only a few of the dance worlds luminaries with whom she has worked and performed.

For her extraordinary work she has received many awards, most notable among them the Danza & Danza together with Massimo Murru for her performance of the ballet Giselle, and, in 1998, the prestigious Golden Valentine Award.

Her study of movement in relation to space and speed led her to perform parachute launches from 4000 meters altitude with Roberto Mirrar, the President of Italys Parachuting Academy.

The Earth Organization

Elisabetta feels strongly about her association and support of The Earth Organization.

When I met Mr. Anthony and saw what he was able to do alone with the animals in South Africa and in the Baghdad Zoo, I realized that it is possible for anyone with intelligence, persistence and personal responsibility to make a big difference in the future of this planet and our life on it.

We are the future of the planets heart. If millions of people begin to think just a little about the impact they are having, and can have, we will have a speedy change of the situation.

I am sure that people want to survive and live better and better; we can’t do that without a planet on which to live.

The Earth Organization is effectively bringing to people around the world increased awareness and understanding of the problems and solutions to vital environmental issues and I am proud to be a part of this group and dedicated to helping realize the dream of a safeguarded, aesthetic, healthy environment for us all.