An Earth Organization volunteer is someone who helps with conservation in their spare time. This is different from someone who has an Earth Organization chapter and works on projects in conjunction with head office. A volunteer will help with conservation in their area. A chapter is an actual Earth Organization office which reports back to the international office.

There are many people on this earth who wish to help with conservation. It is not always possible for everyone to work at this full time. But if a large number of people all had to do a bit to help with conservation, our world would certainly become a better place.

For those of you who wish to become volunteers for The Earth Organization we welcome you. The more volunteers we get to span the globe the more effective we can be as a group.

What we expect from a Volunteer:

The Earth Organization has always been about doing. This is not an ivory tower organization. For the conditions on this planet to really turn around, we need people who are doers. An Earth Organization volunteer would be someone who goes out there and gets some situation changed for the better. The situation can be small or it can be large, but it is something that was wrong and is now right.

Here are a few points that a volunteer can strive towards:

  1. Take care of your immediate environment.
  2. We would appreciate it if you become a member by donating a small amount of money every month.
  3. Should there be any natural disasters in your neighborhood we would like to be able to call on you for help.
  4. Teach others about the things that they can do to help with conservation.
  5. Recycle your waste.
  6. Become a free air member.

What are the actual steps that are needed for you to become a volunteer?

  1. Register as a volunteer here, or download and fill out a copy of the registration application form so that we can best assist you to get started.
  2. If possible sign up as a member on the website or by e-mailing info@earthorganization.org
  3. Do the steps on the website to become a Free Air Member.
  4. Take a good look around your neighborhood, make notes of things that you notice that are of concern to you. Send these to The Earth Organization at info@earthorganization.org
  5. With the information from your questionnaire and your notes from number 4, we will send you a possible project to be run in your area.

We wish you the best of luck. Welcome on board.

Kind regards,
Yvette Taylor
Executive Director International