Become an Ambassador

The definition of Ambassador: This is someone who is an expert in their field or a well known personality in their community, an opinion leader. It would be someone who is active in their environmental endeavors and who promotes environmental conservation to their associates. An Ambassador would be asked to support and promote The Earth Organization’s projects.

The Earth Organization will invite individuals that they would be proud to be associated with to join them as Ambassadors. If you would like to become an Ambassador do the following:

Meet the Earth Organization amabassadors here

  1. Send a write-up giving information on your title or expertise to
  2. Include a brief description of any environmental projects that you are working on.
  3. Have you involved other people in your projects? Give some information on this.
  4. Send a high resolution photo of yourself.

The Ambassadors are a very valuable group to us and we are very appreciative of anyone who joins us in our fight, to rehabilitate our planet. Your help would be welcome.