United States Board of Executives

Barbara WisemanBarbara Wiseman
Over the past 35 years, Barbara Wiseman has worked with a variety of international organizations: from helping displaced refugees to resettle in their new American homes, to introducing effective management technology to business and government leaders in Russia and Mexico. Additionally, she had a national radio program for 7 years called Building a Better World, bringing effective, down-to-earth solutions to lifes challenges to listeners all around the US.

In 2003, Barbara was the Executive Director of a management consulting firm in Los Angeles, CA, when Lawrence Anthony invited her to help him create The Earth Organization, and they have worked together ever since to set the course of the organization and expand its reach around the world.

Stanley Gerson Stanley Gerson

Stan Gerson is a successful international businessman specializing in real estate transactions. He brings to The Earth Organization comprehensive administrative, financial, and fundraising skills in addition to his considerable experience in dealing with property issues as they relate to contaminated and polluted soil and water.

Roberta PerryRoberta Perry

Roberta Perry has been a key personality in the development and growth of the themed entertainment and leisure entertainment industries for more than 20 years, having held vice presidential positions at 20th Century Fox, iWerks Entertainment, and Edwards Technologies, Inc. She brings her valuable marketing, public relations and industry board experience to The Earth Organization.

Ray MacKayRay MacKay

Ray McKay, president of a successful Los Angeles marketing company, brings his experience and expertise in marketing, promotion, internet presence and public relations to The Earth Organization. He has strong interest in working with businesses and organizations that are active with ecological and environmental issues.

Graham BruwerGraham Bruwer

Graham Bruwer is a New York businessman who has wide knowledge and experience in the running of construction companies and the creation and erection of developments Mr. Bruwer spent most of his life in Africa running large real-estate projects in rural areas and African Reserves where he gained intimate knowledge of Wildlife Management and security.

Ed Goss

Edward Goss is a businessman and educator, with a passion for philanthropy to the arts. He has valuable expertise in the area of corporate fundraising, a masters degree in Biology, and a love and aesthetic understanding of what the animal kingdom means to our planet.